Wizid Wristbands

Wristbands, Lanyards, Tickets are all means of identification, providing easy to see ID for the purpose of identification or security. Wristbands are available in tyvek, silicone or plastic & may be custom printed for your purpose.

Lanyards, tickets, cards & credentials help complete our ID solution & when imprinted or implanted with a barcode or RFID chip, they may be used with the Wizid Guidepost Access System for a wireless based access solution with data capture for crowd control.

An alternative to silicone wristbands, is the new Message Bands - Australian Made high quality material wristbands fitted with a breakaway clip. View the new Message Wristbands here.

Contact our Customer Service to help determine the best solution for your venue or event whether it's a 18th Birthday Party or the Olympic Games, large or small we have an ID solution for you.